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Just listened to your CD. Lovely work. Well-crafted, very nicely produced and the sound is beautiful. It should appeal to a broad audience with the different styles and very personal lyrics. – Wendy DeWitt, “Queen of Boogie" (Performer and Recording Artist)
Thank you for letting us be a part of all your talent. You ROCK! – Message in guest book after event



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Posted October 2, 2012 11:54 AM
by Linda Ferro    

 I wrote a song called "Home-less" a few years ago, and never really shared it much. When our band was contacted by The Sonoma County Task Force for the Homeless regarding performing for their annual Fundraiser, I mentioned that I had written this song. I was asked to provide a copy of it (music, lyrics) which I happily provided. I am honored that this song will be featured at their event.





On this fine starry night,

Why are you sleepin in the cold?

On this fine starry night,

Why are you sleepin out in the cold?

Well you can wrap up in the blanket, here - 

It'll warm your body not your soul.


We hear your sighs in the daytime,

Won't hear you cryin' in the night.

We hear your sighs in the daytime,

Won't hear you cryin' deep in the night.

Seems your brothers and sisters got you

Out of mind, out of sight.





Tell me what's your story?

What other life have you known?

Tell me what went wrong.

How'd you lose your home?





© 2010 linda ferro

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The last thing I do before sleep is listen to your CD on my iPod.
- Devoted Fan
A first-class work!
- Angela Strehli
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The LINDA FERRO BAND was nominated for the 2011 North Bay Music Awards.
Heartfelt thanks to the North Bay Bohemian and fans...from Linda, Mal, Brian, Chris, Nick and Adam!
The Linda Ferro Band received nominations in 2009 and 2010 for the North Bay Music Awards!
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
The bluesy Jazz song 
"Come On In" was nominated 
for an Independent Singer-Songwriter Association (ISSA) award. 
This song and "Love Me Back" were also part of the "Featured Artist" programming on KJZY, 93.7 FM
Please check out:
Midnight Special Blues Radio, also broadcasting from, where several of my original songs have been aired.

Please visit Women of Substance Radio, broadcasting from

In addition to several original Blues tunes they have played on this station, my song, "Please, Peace" was on the playlist for Tuesday, Sept 21, on the program, "What's On My Ipod" beginning at 1 pm PDT.

Also, this song was included on the playlist for the program, "Piano Ballads."  Many thanks to WOS radio!


Note from Linda: "Over the past year or so, The Linda Ferro Band has been "under construction" and I'm happy to announce that the renovation is completed! We have added some AMAZING musicians to the core group of me, Mal (percussion/vocals) and Chris (guitar). Please visit the band members page to find out about our last-but-not-least addition, Drummer Kenny Susan."

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