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Just listened to your CD. Lovely work. Well-crafted, very nicely produced and the sound is beautiful. It should appeal to a broad audience with the different styles and very personal lyrics. – Wendy DeWitt, “Queen of Boogie" (Performer and Recording Artist)
Thank you for letting us be a part of all your talent. You ROCK! – Message in guest book after event



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Great Event at TBarny!!

Posted September 14, 2011 09:09 PM
by Linda Ferro    

On so many levels, the TBarny 30-Year Anniversarty event we played for on Saturday (9/10/11) was one of the most rewarding gigs we've had in a long time. Great people, good cause, creative environment (Sculpture Garden/Shop/Gallery) generous payment.... 

Outside of Healdsburg, on Pine Flat Road, we found the TBarny Sculpture Garden and Gallery. For 30 years, this creative genius has been listening to and carving stone. In honor of the completion of his new coffee table book, the T-30 event was planned. The awesome thing is that all the proceeds went to the Healdsburg Alliance Medical Center. So it was just flat-out heart-warming to observe folks bidding thousands of dollars on one-of-a-kind sculptures, knowing where all this money was going to end up. 

We played outside on a covered patio area, with random seating around our area. I started the show with some "small group" tunes. Sometimes just me with Brian on drums, or adding the sax and/or bass. The last tune we did is an original called "Blue Plaid Flannel Shirt" ("I should've packed some bags, I should've have planned to stay, but how was I to know things would turn out this way? I came just to hear you sing me a song, but now, I think I stayed too long...). Percussionist/beau Mal accompanied me on SPOONS!  Yep, SPOONS!  Ya gotta hear it - very cool. Old fashioned soft-shoe kind of vibe. I really think the band ROCKED it when we got all 6 of us "on stage."  We had one couple come up to us and say that they had heard our band at a private party on July 4th, and that one of the reasons they came to this benefit was to hear our band again. Ahhhh...I LOVE that kind of story! I always say that even if ONE PERSON is moved by our music, we are successful. There ya have it!

As it got darker, the tiki torches were lit and the place looked even more magical. Sillouettes of cactus, stone carvings on pedastals with fire light playing off of them

We were treated like royalty - beautiful set-up, our own little fridge nearby with water and beverages, food, wine, generous payment plus 2 tips!! (That was SO unexpected and appreciated.). We got a full personal tour of TBarny's workshop by the artist himself. Absolutely mind-boggling what he does with stone. So much to see and learn about. Such a creative and inspiring atmosphere. A glorious evening!


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The last thing I do before sleep is listen to your CD on my iPod.
- Devoted Fan
A first-class work!
- Angela Strehli
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The LINDA FERRO BAND was nominated for the 2011 North Bay Music Awards.
Heartfelt thanks to the North Bay Bohemian and fans...from Linda, Mal, Brian, Chris, Nick and Adam!
The Linda Ferro Band received nominations in 2009 and 2010 for the North Bay Music Awards!
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In addition to several original Blues tunes they have played on this station, my song, "Please, Peace" was on the playlist for Tuesday, Sept 21, on the program, "What's On My Ipod" beginning at 1 pm PDT.

Also, this song was included on the playlist for the program, "Piano Ballads."  Many thanks to WOS radio!


Note from Linda: "Over the past year or so, The Linda Ferro Band has been "under construction" and I'm happy to announce that the renovation is completed! We have added some AMAZING musicians to the core group of me, Mal (percussion/vocals) and Chris (guitar). Please visit the band members page to find out about our last-but-not-least addition, Drummer Kenny Susan."

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